Vacuum Tube

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KR300B Balloon

Low Frequency, high power triode.
6-12 Watts of pure class-A power.
Fully compatible with classic 300B.
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Maximum Ratings

DC Plate  Voltage:550 V
DC Plate Current:120 mA                                       
Dissipation:50 Watts

Testing Point

DC Plate  Voltage:450 V                                            
DC Plate Current:100 mA
Grid Voltage:-90 V                                       
Plate Resistance:630 ohm
Transconductance:6.2 mA/V

KR300B Balloon38
KR300B Balloon38


Filament Voltage:5.0 V                                                   
Filament Current:1.2 A                                       
Amplification  Factor:3.9